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Tarahumana is a magical legendary tribe of Mexican Native Americans inhabiting the mountains of Chihuahua state.

However, I must admit that whenever I speak or think of those extraordinary people, the name Rarámuri seems the most proper.

Source: tellurideinside.com

Rarámuri means – in free translation – runners or the light feet. When you roughly dwell into the history of Tarahumara you quickly learn that running, especially the long-distance one, constitutes the age-old tradition of the tribe – it is simply what they love.

The secret of the amazing endurance of Rarámuri lies in several basic factors:

  • very early start of running – still in their childhood,
  • austere life, almost undisturbed by contemporary civilization,
  • a diet based on unprocessed plant food (corn mainly),
  • the terrain they inhabit (mountains),
  • shoes
  • a traditional game which involves kicking a wooden ball and running hundreds of kilometers,
  • a lifestyle based on physical activity

    Source: wikipedia

    Be like Rarámuri

Many facts suggest that there is the Rarámuri spirit in each of us. The desire and being able to move in an unfettered manner, run for long distances – these are in a way inscribed on our genes and our body; what’s more, it seems to be supported by science.

It looks that in the course of time and civilizational development we have lost our natural ability to enjoy simple things.

It is high time to awaken these seemingly lost abilities. Time to live simply, healthily and happily. To run far, persistently and uninjuriously.

In simple words: Be like Rarámuri.