When I first reached for Eric Orton’s book Cool Impossible I knew I wouldn’t leave me indifferent. Some inner feeling was telling me that someday I would set off on a long journey to Teton Mountains, making one of my wishes come true.

Teton. Instagram-Eric Orton

That’s how there was born a specific plan to do everything I could to materialize that dream.

However, in order to start the Be like Rarámuri journey for good, I need your help.

The journey across the ocean is by all means a huge expense, involving mainly plane tickets and the cost of training itself.


Below I present a detailed list of essential expenses involved with the Project:

  • A journey to the USA – 1200$ (about 4500PLN)
  • Treining with E. Orton– 900$ (about 3400PLN)
  • Accommodation – 250$ (about 930PLN)
  • A visa to the USA – 160$ (about 600PLN)

Only your support can help me accomplish the project !

Teton. Instagram – Eric Orton

Every dolar means a lot, evey penny matters. Apart from huge satisfaction from supposting the project (that’s guaranteed!) and the prizes you may choose, we all gain:

  • everyday reports on the website, colourful and juicy descriptions of Jackson Hole, Teton Mountains and training with Orton;
  • photos and footages from each treining session;
  • curious facts from Orton’s workshop
  • online chat (if only possible – video chat) with Erick Orton;
  • in the future – Orton’s visit to Poland

Be like Rarámuri”is a project targeting at popularization of healthy, natural running that stresses the development of the psychical, physical, as well as mental sphere. It is a journey inside yourself, it’ is reaching for the transcendent dreams.

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