About me


My name’s Gniewko. I come from Bieszczady mountains, where I took my first steps as a runner. Life led me to many places all over the world, from Warsaw to the USA, from Kielce to as far as Costa Rican jungle. However, only after I had settled in Pogórze Dynowskie did I seriously become hooked on running.

These beautiful, densely forested, hilly areas stimulate your imagination. Thanks to running I get to know the surrounding places from many different perspectives, reaching remote, often inaccessible nooks and crannies.

Very soon my adventure with running went in the direction of natural running – in the direction of the legendary tribe Rarámuri.

This way, among other things thanks to reading Born to run I came across Eric Orton – the world-renowned couch of many mountain runners, ultramarathon runners and triatlonists. His amazing enthusiasm and enormous knowledge joined with many years of experience – all collected in Cool Impossible­ awakened the deposits of running potential that I hadn’t been aware of.
A colourful but also concreto picture presented by Orton in his book made me yearn for setting off on a long journey to Teton Mountains in order to train under Eric’s watchful eye.

By nature, I’m a kind of person who likes to share that what’s good with others, pass on my passion, motivate them to act and to reach for the unreachable.

 That’s why from the very start of the project I’m going to tell you the latest news from the world of natural running. Once I reach Jackson Hole located in Teton Mountains, you may expect lots of photos, reports and short footages on which I will be peeping at the Master!

My expedition to Teton is just the beginning of the great “Be like Raramuri” journey

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